zondag 28 december 2014

donderdag 25 december 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

Yesterday we went to my family and today we went to my boyfriends'. We watched old pictures after dinner, projected on the kitchen wall, nice entertainment!

maandag 15 december 2014

zaterdag 13 december 2014

#2 pikatchu

Suzy's nephew brought his new gift from Sinterklaas to our class, and we decided to make big paintings of Pikatchu!
by Lente, Josse, Eline and Renske, 6Y

vrijdag 12 december 2014

inspired by japan #1

1. autumn leaves
2. < art-school, by Nore and Quinten, 7Y (funny how they tried to copy or imagine some Japanese characters :) )
3+4. < holiday in Japan, on a festival to celebrate Nara
5. A wall painting I've made for a very special girl

donderdag 11 december 2014

the abc fun

it seems like the only thing I can think about is our alphabet book these days… MR and I are doing some preparations for our presentation on sunday! Hope to see you there!!


These alphabet-books I found in the great ABC-house in Brussels. G. ordered one of ours to enlarge his collection! :)

woensdag 3 december 2014

how an alphabet might sound

Mieke, Minnie, Jochem and I made a small movie on our ABC. Enjoy! + thanx J !! :)  You can buy the book online now. Have a look!

woensdag 26 november 2014

700 x ABC

The books have arrived, they look very good, I am so happy!

zondag 23 november 2014

We made a book!!

Dear all, 
MiekeRenilde and I have been working for a long time on an alphabet book. We are very proud to invite you for the presentation on the 14th of December, at Kornél.

More info on facebook, and soon here as well! :)

zaterdag 22 november 2014

vrijdag 21 november 2014

'our bench'

I went walking nearby a place I know very well, because my secondary school was around the corner. We used to have lots of fun on this bench, with an excellent view on 'Villa Marie-Therese'. The sun was low and the air was sharp. It felt good to be outside and catch some vit.D!

maandag 10 november 2014

romance and the jungle

While walking in this pretty colored forest I was dreaming about Henri Rousseau 's 'Jungles in Paris', and a new book, 'Panter', by Brecht Evens,
a present from my boyfriend :)