maandag 23 februari 2015


I just got home from a little trip to Berlin... It was great to be there…& we found 3 bookstores who want to sell our alphabet bookDo you read me?!, Pro Qm and Motto :)

woensdag 11 februari 2015


These funny balloons are made by Fleur, Janne & Josefien the zebra, 7Y

donderdag 5 februari 2015


When I was walking in the snow this morning I enjoyed the silence (for as far as possible in Antwerp City).
These pictures I made in Sweden, a long time ago… I remember it so well being on my own in nature and enjoying real silence, and staring for ours at the Baltic Sea to watch lots of birds who gave great concerts there.
The typical red colored house on the second picture was my home (only for three months), the other two where 'our garden',
the house on the last photo is where my friend Eva lived, what a beauty! 

dinsdag 3 februari 2015

mystery woman

I'm sick, lying on the couch all day and watched this documentary about Vivian Maier, a eccentric American street photographer, who worked about forty years as a nanny. During her lifetime, her photographs were unknown and unpublished.
More info here: finding Vivian Maier. And here!