vrijdag 25 juli 2014

my birthday-party

Thank you sweet friends!! It was a pleasure having you in our garden…:^)

woensdag 23 juli 2014

Roger Ballen: Asylum of the birds

Another great expo in the Museum Dr. Guislain. Ballen became world famous for his portraits of marginalised Afrikaners, in the midst of the apartheid. In this 'Asylum of the birds' man, animal and drawing merge into one. I was very impressed by the drawings and objects the people made, they made me think of tracks or cave drawings. You can watch the film here .

I see something you don't see

...and the color is ... Based on this popular child's game
this exhibition is full of works made by artists with autism. 
I really liked the works by Johannes Dechau, I think he has a great sense of humor :-)

donderdag 17 juli 2014

at grondsmaak

What a great place! more info at www.grondsmaak.be.
The paintings are made by Gordana Djelosevic, Margeret Baird & Charles Callins.

dinsdag 15 juli 2014

somewhere else

two collages I found while tidying up my workroom, I made them on this expo.

woensdag 9 juli 2014

stories from the sea

I visited my aunt to watch family-pictures together.

Our grandmother, Lucienne Le Duvéhat (we used to call her marraine), was born in Bretagne.
Her father was a fisherman. (left on top) (+ I think he looks really cool!)

The picture above was made by my grandfather, Jos Hendrickx.

I was a bit dreamy after watching all this…

Merci beaucoup, ma tante! 

zondag 6 juli 2014


Well done Lily, Yinthe, Ella, Noor, Thomas, Jef, Laure, Michelle, Colette, Luca, Lisa, Charlotte, Jonas, Jolien, Lode, Ina, Leon, Marnik & Hanne!!

donderdag 3 juli 2014

stories from the city

< paper city / day 3 - On sunday we 'll have an exhibition on this art-festival for children. w e l c o m e !